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From a Distance

Title:  From a Distance
Author: [info]kat_diva 
Pairing:  Changmin/Yoona
Genre:  Romance, Angst

Summary: From a distance he watches, listens and observes... and tries not to hate them all.  Happy Valentines Day 2012!

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LJ Resurrected!

Surprisingly enough, just over a month from now would make FIVE years since I've NOT posted on LJ!

Which means I've been wrapped up in corporate America, real life, children who have grown into adults, and so much more!  Back then I even used to log in to MySpace; today it's all a distant memory after FaceBook, Twitter and Tumblr!

But some things never change and that's my love for FanFiction!  And that passion that keeps me reading has also prompted me to start dabbling in it again as well.  Another equally strong obsession is my everlasting love for KPOP, JPOP, and J / K Dramas.  (Anime on the other hand has all but faded into oblivion for me).

So it's thanks to these sinful obsessions that I'm back, and will now need to re-learn things like LJ cuts, and how to post in communities, etc. 

Just in case there's anyone out there that's still an LJ friend of mine, who wouldn't mind RE-teaching an OLDER dog OLD tricks, I'd appreciate the tutorials!

Catching up

Wow I feel really energized today! I am just relieved that I gathered most of my tax form/receipts and am ready to send it off to the accountant... I finished my Valentine's Day Challenge, and I met with some friends to help them with a project.

The V_Day Challenge was a big headache, because I had zero inspiration. I tried so many times to write a "memory loss" type of story like "50 First Dates" and "Notebook." (The former is the favorite movie of the person I was assigned to). But when I tried to write, it was majorly boring, and even after 25 pages I put myself to sleep! LOL Then the day before the challenge was due, I sat down and forced myself to think out of the box, and voila... 101 Ways to Woo Hermione Granger. It was so fun writing, that I giggled throughout!

Now I can get down to some serious reading and catching up on help SnowFlake_Imp on her cleaning up her story! I really want to read Renee's next chapter, which I haven't done yet, along with the other Challenge exchanges! Lots to read! YAY! I love it!

I was also asked to write a script for our church youth group to perform a play in May... I was just given a theme, "Finding You Way Back Home." Should be fun!

Recently I started watching Asian dramas, and I am so addicted that I can't get enough! Not just anime, mind you... no it wasn't bad enough spending hundreds of dollars at Borders for my manga, and d/ling terabytes of anime... now it's LIVE ACTION shows! OMGOSH! I LOVE THESE SHOWS!

My list:

1. All Time Favorite - HANA YORI DANGO (Season 1 & 2) Jun Matsumoto is such a hottie! I think this is one of the funniest Japanese Comedies I've ever seen. I have to pause it several times throughout because I'm lauging so hard! A MUST SEE!

2. My Name is Sam Soon - Korean Drama, for a more mature audience about a 30-something pastry chef who falls in love with the Chairman's son... quite comical!

3. Nobuta Wo Produce - Two guys become friends, one is a show off, the other is a class clown... they decide to give the weirdest girl in the class a "make-over" and "produce" her into someone popular. Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) and Kame do a fantastic job in this, and I like Maki ( the female actress) who plays Nobuta. It's endearing. Kame and Yamapi both have their own 'boy bands' in real life... but they came together to cut a single to promote this show: Seishun Amigo. The MV of them dancing is entertaining! I love Yamapi's (Akira) "KON" gesture... and the "Nobuta Power" gesture he makes for Maki.

4. Devil Beside You - Mike He and Rainie star in this Taiwanese show... another comedy about a bad boy who goes after a good girl... who fall in love and later find out they are to become step brother and sister. Great acting and some fun moments. Not as good as HYD, but still fun! (Mike and Rainie are an item in RL as well).

5. MARS - Taiwanese stars Vic Zhou (ZaiZai) and Barbie Hsu bring the story of the japanese manga to life with this very moving show. Another bad boy/good girl story that captivates you throughout. It's a drama, not a comedy. The two actors are together in real life as well. Super chemistry going on here! YUM! I love the theme song sung by Barbie and Vic... very pretty! I ordered this on eBay.

6. Meteor Garden(Season 1 and 2) is the Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango. It was made 5 years ago, and this was what made Vic Zhou a star. The 4 main actors (F4) end up forming a real life band as a result of this show, and are very successful in Asia. I'm infactuated with Vic Zhou. The strong but silent type!

7. Ikebukuro West Park Gate (IWPK) - Japanese gang related type show... think "Outsiders." Yamapi was very young in this, but they all did a great job!

8. Kurosagi - Yamapi plays a con artists who swindles other cons. He goes after those that have swindled and victimized others, as a revenge for his slaughtered family. Original. He performs again with Maki and although it's not a love story, she does fall in love with him. Some upbeat theme music too! (Daite Senorita which has to be my all time favorite JPop song now).

9. Winter Love Song - Korean Drama. Ok this has to be one of the most endearing love stories I have every watched. I cried throughout this show! It is uber long... something like 25-30 episodes... I forget, but it's worth it! I went and bought the DVDs.

Haven't yet completed:

a. My Girl - Korean Comedy
b. Corner With Love - Barbie Hsu / Taiwanese Comedy
c. Hana Kimi - Taiwanese Comedy based on Japanese manga

If you don't have bittorrent, or just don't want to take up disc space... then watch them on YouTube or Crunchy Roll. Start with Hana Yori Dango! :-)

Ok, I'm off to clean and then READ! Happy President's Day Weekend!

Valentine's Day Fic Challenge

Valentine For: silveris

Title: 101 Ways to Woo Hermione Granger
Author: kat_diva
Type of Valentine: Fic (Humorous)
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J K Rowling. No profit is being made.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Notes: I struggled with my muse for weeks and weeks trying to write this challenge. After three half written stories, I finally found an idea that seemed befitting as a gift for Silveris. Her request was: dinner with the trio (may include Ron and Harry's girlfriends) and Draco, where single!Draco and heartbroken!Hermione are not on very good terms. Yet. Dealbreakers (absolute no-no's): Old stuff such as the candlelit dinner, seaside escapades, and rolling around in grassy fields. Ginny Weasley.
Summary: Draco attempts to woo and win back a relunctant Hermione via OWL messages.

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I feel completely torn in my reaction to the recent release of Daniel Radcliffe's nude promo shots for his stage role in Equus. I can see that he is fighting to break out of his Harry Potter image. I was even entertained by his boy scout portrayal of his self-mockery in Extras recently. But I'm just not sure that taking on a role that calls for full nudity on stage, live, night after night, is one that will he will benefit from.

I've seen other great actors such as Will Smith, and Jodi Foster, who were well known child/teen actors break away from that image and become award winning adult actors. They chose each role well, and it worked. Then there are others, too numerous to list, that didn't choose so well, and they are little more than Rag Gossip, netting very little in their careers or on stage.

I am all for Daniel branching out and becoming an adult, and being taken seriously... but he still has 3 more HP movies to make, and how will this role he has accepted impact that? Perhaps he could have chosen another role, or one that did not require full frontal nudity?

Maybe I am just over-reacting. What do you think?

Click here for images and news article:


Updated Fic

It's been fun having so much time off, but not very productive since much of it was spent on my back, in bed, sick. But I'm on the mend now and ventured outdoors today! It was just a quick trip to the grocery store and to buy the kids bus passes for January but it felt good to get out and about.

I updated my Dance Fic by adding two chapters this week... on FF and AFF:

FanFic.net Dance Fic

AFF Dance Fic

Special shout out and thanks to Karen kazfeist for reading them and critiqueing me! It's good to have someone as great as her let me know if I'm off track or not. Also of course I want to thank Renee eilonwy1 and Lisa lisa725 for their beta work on the chapters I posted on CG and FA!

Jessie and Keala come back home on Sunday. Jared has had some peaceful days while they've been gone! Heh!

Big interview on Friday! Wish me luck! Yata!

Hauoli Makahiki Hou

I have so much that has happened to me and mine in 2006 I just wanted to recap:

Adversity -
1. Lost job
2. Dad died (natural dad, we weren't close)
3. Put house up for sale, sale cancelled
4. Travelled over 50k miles for work
5. Car broken into, tons of stuff stolen

Blessings -
1. New Opportunities for better company/work
2. Family from UK came over and visited this summer
3. Family from Hawaii came over in August
4. Went to College Reunion in March
5. Jessie graduated HS and went to UT to college
6. Jared gets to graduate his Senior year at ECR
7. Keala quit the Halau and seems much happier and less stressed
8. Began reading and writing Dr/Hr fanfic in the Fall
9. Met some wonderful LJ friends (eilonwy, kazfeist, milynee and snowflakeimp who have made my experience richer.
10. Former fiancee went out of his way to hunt me down. Yeah that was nice! :-)

All in all I guess I've had an exciting year... double the blessings! I've grown from the adversity.

Bring on 2007! I'm ready!

May you all be safe, happy and well!

Blackcest Fic

A dirty little fic that I just wrote while feeling sicker than a dog... a Padfoot dog that is! *evil grin*

Title: Black Hole
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are JKR's, I just play with them.
Summary: Sirius bids farewell to Bellatrix the only way a Black can:
“Stop now, before I make you,” he warned. She smoothed the soft, gritty mud across his naked chest with her fingers, and then dug her nails into him. “I’m not like your lover, Sirius. I take what I want, when I want it. I won’t worship you, I won’t respect you in the morning. But believe me, I will enjoy it. And so will you.”

Tourjous Pur Link


Young Sirius Black

So isn't Sirius supposed to be a devilishly handsome rogue when he was young??? Why oh why did they get a DORKY guy to play him in the movie?! The dude looks like a wimpy REMUS! Not at all like the yummilicious Sirius!

I LOVE who they cast for Bellatrix! Helena is such a fine actress and beautiful as well! But I am uber disappointed in Sirius. He was one of my favorite characters too!

Oh well!

Here is a link for a photo and interview with the actor:

James Walters Interview

*shrugs* Maybe he's a better actor than a looker.

Moping and Pouting,

An hour ago Yahoo News released the following title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. My reaction: HOLY CRAP! Is it me, or has Harry Potter gone ANIME?! It's BLEACH! I can't believe the title comes from one of my favorite anime shows! Priceless! It's like serendipidity!

Unfortunately it was a typo! It's "Hallows" which brings all sorts of conjecture ... Hallow's eve, Hallowed as in sacred, a loud shout or cry... what does it mean!?!